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Plants for pollinators and honeybees

Plants for pollinators and honeybees Around the farm steading, there are usually lots of little areas that could provide a haven and much-needed feeding space for honeybees and insect pollinators….

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Improving Biodiversity on Your Farm

…habitats for many wildflowers, pollinators, insects, birds, and small mammal species. Field margins provide many species with food and shelter particularly when it is located next to a hedgerow. The…

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The Thrill of The Hill

…of pollinators has only become more significant. Pollinators play an important role in the provision of ecosystem services across the country, impacting on biodiversity and productive farming in equal measure….

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Habitats for Beneficial Insects

…lifespan. For example, insect pollinators may forage on blossoming hedgerows in spring, moving to flower-rich field margins in the summer, always returning to their nesting site in tussocky undisturbed field…

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Farm Wildlife Walks – South West

…Advisory Service ( How to increase wild pollinators on your farm | Helping farmers in Scotland | Farm Advisory Service ( Hedgerow Management | Biodiversity | Farm Advisory Service (…

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Winter Wheat Trials Webinar

…a closer look at Integrated Pest Management developments and the ecology of beneficial insects as pollinators. To conclude the event, SAC Consulting’s Rural Business Consultant, Julian Bell, will be looking…

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