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New focus farms

24 June 2015

From grassland profitability to improving livestock performance and making savings on the fuel bill, we are working with nine new volunteer focus farmers and their discussion groups to exchange ideas to help improve overall farm profitability, whilst lowering the carbon footprint.

Previous focus farmers, who were also already technically efficient, were still able to save an average of £20,000 through small tweaks and changes to routine activities, and knocked around 10% off their farm carbon footprint.

Studies show that the most efficient businesses tend to have lower carbon footprints, often through making best use of farm inputs which in turn increases profit margins.  Our aim is to explore and share low or no cost, practical measures that most businesses will be able to gain from, improving farm efficiency whilst lowering the carbon footprint at the same time.

All farmers are welcome to come to the focus farm discussion group meetings.  Meetings are free and advertised locally, via our Farming for a Better Climate Facebook page and Twitter account @sacfarm4climate.

There is more detail about the initiative, plus information about the focus farms past and present, on our webpages at

Have you recently re-assessed current practices or taken on a new way of doing things that you can share with other farmers so that they can benefit from your ideas too?  Contact us on

Rebecca Audsley, Senior Consultant, SAC Consulting

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