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Organic farming options under the SRDP

24 February 2015

As time progresses, the finer details of the SRDP are now coming into focus. This article gives an update on what is happening with organic funding under the SRDP, and on the greening exemption.

Payment rates

Organic payment rates have been confirmed, and are as expected. Rates are detailed in the table below.

Organic payment rates under the SRDP 2014-2020       

Land Type:


Conversion: £280

Maintenance: £65


Conversion: £400

Maintenance: £200

Improved grass

Conversion: £140

Maintenance: £55

Rough Grazing

Conversion: £12.50

Maintenance: £8.50

Arable land is defined as land that is used to grow either arable crops or temporary (less than 5 years old) grassland. Fruit/veg land must grow a vegetable crop at least once in years 3 to 5 of the contract.

Double funding

I can confirm that there will be no double funding penalties on organic conversion or maintenance payments.  Double funding will only apply to some organic farmers who are receiving organic (conversion or maintenance) payments and are receiving payments for other specific agri-environment options.  A deduction will be made to the payment of these specific agri-environment options, not to the organic payments.  In addition, any organic farmers with <15 ha arable land and >75% grassland will be exempt from these double funding deductions.  Needless to say, this is a bit complicated!  I am available on 01224 711072 if you think this could affect you, and want some free advice on this issue.

Greening exemption

Businesses that are farming organic land will be exempt from greening, and farmers who farm a mixture of organic and non-organic land can choose to have their organic area exempted if they wish. In some situations not exempting the organic land may help with some parts of greening, i.e. meeting the crop diversification requirement.

In-conversion land will not be exempt from greening.  Farm businesses will have to comply with greening on this land during the conversion period.  When the farm is fully organic it will be exempt from greening.
David Michie, Agricultural Consultant, SAC Consulting



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