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Croft and Small Farms Subscription

Benefit from access to our independent, impartial and professional advisors, providing peace of mind, reassurance and great cost savings.

If you are a crofter or have a small holding of less than 30 hectares, then you can make use of the subscription for advice on a range of topics.

Advice under the Subscription is delivered by SAC Consulting’s agriculture, woodland, conservation and specialist advisors. All our advisors combine local knowledge with extensive experience. Based in SAC Consulting’s 23 offices across the Highlands, islands and mainland Scotland, advisors are close at hand and understand local conditions.

Advisors can help you start up a new business, grow your existing enterprises or fine-tune an established business.

Helping your Enterprise

The Croft and Small Farm Advisory Service can help with many topics, including:

• Managing a croft or smallholding
• Livestock rations, analysis of nutrients in silage, animal health planning
• Horticultural advice
• Conservation and environmental advice, e.g., management of muirburn, wildflower areas, water courses and hedges; grant schemes
• Organic farming
• Forestry and woodland design and management, amenity planting, grant schemes, timber sales
• Renewable energy – wind, hydro, solar, biomass and AD
• Livestock record keeping and rules and regulations
• Prevention of pollution, compaction and nutrient loss
• Grassland and crop advice including soil analysis, liming, fertiliser, grassland reseeds, removing rushes and weed control.

In addition, for crofters:

• Completion of assignations, decrofting and sublet applications
• Croft maps for Crofting Commission or SGRPID
• Advice on the Crofting Register
• Advice on available grants such as CAGS

What does the Subscription Include?

• Advice and independent recommendations (up to 2 hours per year) from your local advisor, on the phone or in the office
• Technical notes of your choice with information on the latest developments
• Local newsletter for essential updates
• Free subscription to Farm Text, available through your mobile phone

In addition, subscribers can receive up to two hours of advice, on farm or in the office or by phone, of consultancy at a discounted rate.

Apply for a Subscription

Please fill in an application form today to access advice from your local SAC office

Or, contact us and we will arrange for your local office to call you back.
Phone: 0300 323 0161


An annual subscription costs £74.90 plus VAT (£89.88).

Additional advice for up to 2 hours is charged at £59.40 per hour plus VAT (£71.28).

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