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Pests in oilseed rape


Slugs cause significant damage to both winter and spring-sown rape by eating the cotyledons and first true leaves.   Read more here.

Pollen beetle

Pollen beetles are probably the most common pests seen on Scottish rape crops. The greenish, black beetles are seen on rape crops from mid-April onwards.  Read more here.


In the autumn, peach-potato aphid can transmit Turnip Yellows virus which can lead to reduced yields.  These peach-potato aphids and cabbage aphids may be found overwintering on rape, but they do not cause any feeding damage until the summer. Read more here.

Photo: Martin Cooper, Flickr cc

Cabbage stem flea beetle

Cabbage stem flea beetle has become more of a problem on Scottish winter oilseed rape crops.  The beetles are most noticeable in mid August/early September, often being caught up in the rape harvest.  Read more here.

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