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Forage for Profit Discussion Group

The Forage for Profit Discussion Group are a group of beef and sheep producers based in South West Scotland with a common desire to improve business profitability through improved utilisation of grass and forage crops.  The group meets regularly to share their experiences and hear from industry specialists on various elements of forage production and management to allow them to apply this in practice to their farming system.

Learning from Dairy 

  • Rotationally grazing dairy cows
  • Building autumn grass covers
  • Winter feed budget
Rotational grazing cattle

Managing Grass Growth

  • White Clover Growth
  • Heading dates
  • Managing surplus and deficit growth

Pre-Lambing Nutrition

  • Fetal development
  • Calculating diet requirements
  • Adding winter forage crops in the diet
4 lambs

Spring Forage Crops

  • Grass mixtures
  • Arable silage
  • Choosing the right forage crop
  • Combination crops
a close up photo of clover leaves and grass

Carbon Audits

  • Carbon audits
  • improving efficiency
forage crops

July 2020

  • Dry weather strategies
  • Sowing forage crops
  • Applying fertiliser after dry weather
  • Worm burden spike

August 2020

  • Encouraging grass to tiller
  • Pests in forage crops
  • Monitoring livestock performance
  • Silage sampling
  • White clover

September 2020

  • Feed budgeting
  • Soil Sampling
  • Setting up to feed out forage crops
  • Autumn fertiliser
  • Potash

October 2020

  • Lambs on forage crops
  • Calf weaning transition
  • Measuring forage crops
  • Grass budgeting


December 2020

  • Plate meters
  • Planning forage crops
  • Forage crop costs
  • Silage quality

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