A Breath of Fresh Air – Ventilation Made Simple (Lochgilphead)

Winter housing brings with it problems – most common of which are pneumonia and reduced feed intakes, which can be caused by many things.

This workshop will address the important areas which farmers should be aware of when housing livestock, primarily ventilation and air flow.  Jamie Robertson of Livestock Management Systems Ltd, who is a leader in the design of farm buildings, will look at how to achieve the perfect shed for your livestock.

Dr Simon Turner will complement Jamie’s talk by demonstrating and discussing animal behaviours and welfare alongside responses to human handling of cattle – focussing on temperament when dealing with livestock and how stress can affect feed intakes.

Mary Young will address the need to get silage/crops analysed going into winter and the importance of getting rations correct to maximise output and make the best use of winter feed.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.