A Breath of Fresh Air – Ventilation (Stirling)


Poor ventilation can have a disastrous effect on the health and performance of housed animals.

Alasdair Scott a dairy/beef consultant from Lanark will discuss ventilation in farm buildings, using examples he will focus on what makes a shed well ventilated and what the key indicators of a poor ventilated shed are.  Highlighted at the meeting will be the steps that can be taken to improve ventilation in existing sheds.

Mary Young, a livestock nutritionist with SAC Consulting, will then discuss how ventilation can affect the nutrition and performance of animals.  She will also brief us on the importance of rationing.

Robin Mair, Stirling’s SAC Consulting manager will conclude the meeting by speaking on various cattle systems looking at cattle handling and cattle behaviour.

Join us this evening for a relaxed but informative evening at the King Robert. Looking at a subject which many people think they know but actually the science and statistics prove otherwise.

If you are looking to improve livestock performance and utilise your sheds more suitably this a meeting to get along to.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.