Aberdeenshire Soil & Nutrient Network Farm – 2nd Meeting


The second meeting of the Aberdeenshire Soil & Nutrient Network will meet at Auchlossan to discuss a range of topics – from grassland and arable management changes to trace mineral deficiencies, farm nutrient budgeting and using alternative forage crops.

Guest speaker Kirsten Williams, SAC Consulting, will discuss the difference in nutritional value of fodder beet, kale and stubble turnips.  Host farmer Robert Marshall intends to grow forage beet this year for outwintering cattle.  Not only will we look at the nutritional facts but we will also explore each of these root crops help improve soil structure and nutrition.

Live liver biopsies have been completed in a group of cattle on the farm to allow us to look at any specific mineral deficiencies in the herd.  We will look at how this can be traced back to what is lacking in the grassland soils.  Kincraigie’s farm vet will be on hand to discuss this alongside the regular mineral supplier.

Within the arable enterprise, Robert is undertaking a trial using Calciprill this year with the aim of applying it at the time of sowing.  The aim is to allow for precision placement of the lime to allow the active release of nutrients around the seed at the point of germination.  Duncan Warnock, an independent agronomist will be attending the event to explain more about the trial and what the desired outcome is.

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