Aberdeenshire Soil & Nutrient Network – 1st meeting


The first meeting of the Aberdeenshire Soil & Nutrient Network farm will take place at Auchlossan, by kind permission of host farmer, Robert Marshall.  We will introduce to our new host farm which will focua spade full of soils on soil health and nutrient management throughout the year long project.

Topics on the day will cover:

  • Interpreting soil results
  • Soil health and structure
  • Value of slurry

A group of beef cows and calves standing in a grassland fieldAuchlossan is a traditional mixed farm with a herd of over 500 suckler cows so it is important to the business that the soil is at its best health and working hard to produce grain, straw and fodder for the cattle.  Nutrient budgeting plays a major role in ensuring this all works out well whilst looking at the costs of theinputs.


For more information about this meeting of the Aberdeenshire Soil & Nutrient Network Farm please call our FAS Advice line on 0300 323 0161 and ask to speak to Stacey Hamilton.



Bookings are no longer available for this event.