Adapting To A Changing Climate In the Livestock Sector – Grantown-On-Spey


Climate change and extreme weather events have become one of the major challenges currently faced by the livestock sector.

This event will bring together a selection of speakers who will discuss and demonstrate practices to mitigate the effects of drought and flooding.  Our guest speakers will be:

  • Paul Hargreaves, SRUCFlooding at a gate
  • Douglas Priest, SRUC
  • Eildih Corr, SRUC

The event will look at topics including soil management, tree planting for shelter and shade and livestock health issues relating to extreme weather events. Farming For a Better Climate logo

This interactive, on-farm event is relevant to all livestock farmers who aim to make their businesses more resilient to the effects of climate change.  Lunch will be provided as part of this event so you are asked to secure your place by using the booking form below.  Please wear warm clothing and footwear suitable for disinfecting.



Bookings are no longer available for this event.