Agritourism – Making The Most Of A Small Land Area

  • March 2 2022
    7:30pm - 8:30pm

Do you have small areas of land which you think you could utilise better?

Agritourism offers farmers a way to increase revenue and build a business that can support more labour units.

Lorraine and Ian Galloway, who are an established farming family near Newton Stewart, were looking for ways to bring extra revenue in for the business and to support their son Fraser, who was working off farm. They achieved this by installing Wigwam’s on a 2.5acre block of land. This has been a great success and has even led them to the finals of the British Farming Awards!

Join us on the 2rd of March 2022 to learn more about Lorraine, Ian and Fraser’s journey. We are also joined by Kerry Hammond of SAC Consulting, an expert in direct agritourism and business creation. Kerry will show us other examples of agritourism success stories as well as touching on practical and technical considerations, as well as touching on current legislation which affects agritourism businesses.

This webinar is part of the three-webinar series “Making the most of a small area” This series aims to enable farmers and landowners to identify and fully utilise small areas of land, maximising income from a small land area. These topics are relevant not only to new entrants and farmers with small land areas but also to those with larger land areas who are looking to expand or diversify their businesses.

With land values remaining high, making the most out of land already owned is more important than ever. Creating diversified enterprises has multiple benefits, including creating alternative income streams, increasing the resiliency of the business and enabling simpler separation of the business for succession purposes.