An Introduction to Sheep Keeping – Pre and Post Lambing Nutrition **Date Changed**

***Please note, the date for this meeting is now Thursday 7th March***

This is the second in the series of meetings on managing your sheep flock, and will cover managing ewe and lamb health pre and post lambing.

 Nutrition is the key to a successful lambing


The handling and management of the pregnant ewe is always a concern. For any new crofter who has taken on sheep this can be daunting.

To ensure your ewes have the best possible lambing season we will show you how to:

• Assess your ewes’ condition – Practical demonstration
• Tackle poor condition by:
o Ensuring the ewes have access to a quality feed, enough forage in late winter/early spring.
o Providing enough nutrition to the lamb in the way of colostrum at birth and milk in those vital early weeks.

We will also look at a selection of rations and resources to assist the crofter at a busy time of the year.


• Euan Hart, Regional Manager Caltech Crystalyx/Scotmin Nutrition

• Iain Macmillan SAC Consulting Stornoway

• Rob Black SAC Consulting Stornoway


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