Angus Soil & Nutrient Network – 2nd meeting: Soil Biology


This is the second meeting in the Angus Soils and Nutrient Network series.

Having looked at machinery and soil structure in meeting one, we will turn our attention to the living fraction of soil.   Soil biology is crucial to maintain soil health and fertility and is responsible for nutrient cycling, organic matter decomposition and has many impacts on the wider ecosystem.  This meeting will provide you with the background knowledge to understand your ‘micro’ from your ‘meso’ and ‘macro fauna’, before moving on to practical ways to improve your soil health.

Topics for discussion

  • What makes a soil a soil?Worms wriggling in soil
  • Slaking—what is it and what does it mean?
  • What is micro, meso and macro fauna?
  • What do different organisms do?
  • Why is organic matter so important?

All are welcome and no background in biology is required!  Our key speakers will be local Agricultural Consultant, Zach Reilly, and Crop & Soil specialist David Ross, SAC Consulting.

Please use the booking form below to secure your place at this event.  If you missed the first meeting of the series, catch up on what discussed in the meeting notes found here.


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