Argyll Soil & Nutrient Network – “Making the Best Use of Your Grass and Forage Crops”


The third and final meeting of the Argyll Soil & Nutrient Network will be held on our host farm, Dunadd, near Lochgilphead.

The final meeting of our Mid Argyll soil and nutrient network will look at the work being carried out at Kirkton Hill & Mountain Research Centre, and how this can be applied on your farm.  John Holland and Ewan Campbell will discuss the research carried out on the farm, alongside the practicalities, what works, what doesn’t, and look at how they are getting the best from their grass and forage crops.

Charles Murray of Clyde Seeds will give an overview of seed mixtures which are productive and sustainable under West Coast conditions, what to look for in a mixture, and what works.Seamus Donnelly examining a soil pit at the Campbeltown SNN meeting

Guest Speakers

  • John Holland, Upland Ecologist, SRUC Hill & Mountain Research Centre, Kirkton
  • Ewan Campbell, Farm Manager, SRUC Hill & Mountain Research Centre, Kirkton
  • Charles Murray, Clyde Agriculture

Please use the booking form below to secure your place at this event as lunch will be provided.  Attendance at the previous two meetings of this Soil & Nutrient Network is not necessary to attend this event, but if interested you can catch up on what was discussed here.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.