Ayrshire Soil & Nutrient Network: 2nd event – Counting the value of slurry

Don’t underestimate the value of home-produced nutrients

This is the second of a series of three meetings to be held by the Ayrshire Soil & Nutrient Network.  Building on the information about soil structure and pH from the first event held at Dormieston, during this meeting, we will focus on calculating the nutrient requirements of growing crops.  By taking full consideration of the nutrient value of home produced organic fertilisers such as slurry and manure, a functional farm nutrient budget can be created.  Using this we can apply nutrients to match but not exceed the crop need, therefore, reducing the need for purchased fertilisers, helping farm profitability and the carbon footprint.

To ensure we explore this in context, reference will be made to the crops being grown at Dormieston, to the volume of slurry and quantities of farmyard manure available for application.


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Dormieston Farm is one of twelve host farms for the Soil & Nutrient Network located across Scotland.  Meeting notes from the first event held at Dormieston are available to read here.  Attendance at all of the Soil & Nutrient Network events is open to all and free to attend and previous attendance at earlier group meetings is not required.  You can read more about what the other groups in the network have discussed from our webpage.



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