Banffshire Soil & Nutrient Network: Save money with effective nutrient budgeting

Save money with effective nutrient budgeting

Can you make better use of organic manures on your farm?  Can your use of fertiliser be targeted better in order to improve efficiency and reduce wastage?

In this meeting, the second of the Banffshire Soil and Nutrient Network, the group will focus on understanding the nutrients required by different crops and the nutrients supplied by different manures and fertilisers. With Alan Bruce & Gavin Elrick as our key speakers, the meeting will cover topics including:

  • Soil analysis – what to ask for and what the results mean
  • How to rectify deficiencies – when, how, what crops will be affected
  • Know the value in both fertiliser and financial terms of the different manures, slurries, and composts and where they can be used to best effect in farm rotations
  • Use this information to optimise fertiliser inputs and target nutrients where they are required in a farm rotation allowing efficient use of fertiliser and efficient production.

Please use the booking form below to secure your place at this event.  Catch up on what was discussed during the first meeting of the group here.  Newmills of Boyne is one of 12 Soil & Nutrient Network host farms located across Scotland; find out more about what the other groups are discussing from our Soil & Nutrient Network webpage.



Bookings are no longer available for this event.