Be The Solution To Diffuse Pollution – Black Isle


How can you be the solution to diffuse pollution?

Reducing diffuse pollution has many benefits to the farm business.  These include improving the efficiency of applied fertilisers and organic manures, as well as safeguarding human and animal health by keeping water quality within acceptable levels.  Minimising diffuse pollution also reduces the risk of cross-compliance breaches and associated penalties.

Topics for discussion

  • Silage/Draff pit management
  • Cattle court runoff
  • Livestock’s access to burns
  • Field middens

Come along to our meeting to hear from our guest speakers who will include our host farmer, Brian Matheson from Ballicherry Farm, representatives from SEPA and Gillian McKnight, a biodiversity specialist with SAC Consulting.  Our speakers will help explain what to look out for on-farm, as well as how to implement the necessary changes in a cost-effective manner.  Brian will bring a farmer’s perspective to the event.

This event will finish with a farm walk at Ballicherry Farm, so clean, warm clothing and footwear is required.   Since lunch is included as part of the event you are asked to use the booking form below to secure your place.

Farming & Water Scotland LogoThe Farming & Water Scotland team will be attending this event and can provide information and advice on preventing diffuse pollution.  They will have a free ‘Mind the Gap’ tractor cab for everyone in attendance.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.