Be the Solution to Diffuse Pollution – Nairn


Be the solution to diffuse pollution

Reducing diffuse pollution can have many benefits to your business such as reducing your fertiliser costs by applying fertiliser at the right time and the correct amounts.  It can improve the condition of your soil if slurry or manure is applied in the right conditions then it can hold more organic matter, increasing its fertility.  It can also safeguard human and animal health by keeping water quality within acceptable water quality standards.   Minimising diffuse pollution also reduces the risk of costly penalties and cross compliance breaches.

SpeakersCattle at a drinking place leading into a watercourse

  • Peter Wright, SEPA
  • Rose Norman, SEPA
  • David McCorkell, SEPA
  • Simon Stephen, Meikle Geddes Farm

Topics for discussion

  • Diffuse Pollution
  • Silage effluent Management
  • Cattle Court Run-Offs
  • Livestock Access to Burnsa field heap midden in the middle of a field
  • Field Middens
  • Practical on-farm Visit

We will start the day off with a presentation from SEPA Officers regarding diffused pollution issues and how to implement different things on the farm to help resolve them.  They will cover such things as; field middens, keeping dirty water separate at the steading and livestock access to burns.

The day will continue with an afternoon session at Meikle Geddes Farm courtesy of W. D. Stephen & Co where we will be looking at the issues that were found and the ways in which these issues have been addressed.  We will hear from Simon Stephen about what changes were implemented on the farm and the plans for future changes to help resolve outstanding issues identified.

As the afternoon session is outside please ensure you wear warm clothing and clean boots.  Please use the booking form below to secure your place and to help us organise catering.


FarmFarming & Water Scotland Logoing & Water Scotland’s webpage has more information about Scotland’s Diffuse Pollution Priority Catchments as well as information about funding options available to help your farm business keep compliant.


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