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Better Grazing – Perth


The next Perth group Better Grazing Group Meeting will feature MULTI SPECIES swards for gazing focusing on optimising production.

About this event

Are you MiSSing out?

Although perennial ryegrass is the highest yielding and highest quality grass in the UK largely achieved through long term breeding programmes, there are other species available that offer benefits to the soil and to livestock.

Multi species swards (MSS) are mixtures that contain several grassland species, they can include grasses,broad-leaved species, be deep rooting or shallow rooting, nitrogen fixing or nitrogen lifting. Choosing a multi species suitable for a farm system depends on the climate soil type as well as what the is the job’ of the mixture- so what works for one farm may be completely unsuitable for another.

The event will include an overview of the benefits and issues of the main species available for grazing swards covering grasses herbs as well as legumes like red and white clovers. The meeting will cover how to sow grow and graze multi species leys including management of clover in grazing swards. Helen Mathieu of Germinal has many years experience working with farmers formulating seeds mixtures including recent work

We will hear first -hand from Alec Brewster on a farm visit where will see some grazing swards and find out what has worked well for them.

Whether you have dabbled in a white clover ley or are an experienced multi- species grazier, please do bring along any seed labels from mixtures you have tried.

Please email if you have any special dietary requirements or if you would like more information

Please remember clean kit and disinfectable footwear for the farm visit.


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