Building Resilience in your Flock (Dingwall)


Join us at Torgorm Farm, courtesy of Shaun and Euan Macdonald for a meeting on resilience planning for sheep.

The day will cover many topics and give the opportunity for discussion.  Local Conan Vet Graeme Swanson will be giving a talk about foot rot treatments and a demonstration on foot trimming.  Karen Stewart, SAC Nutritionist, will be covering the options for creep feeding and preparations to consider for finishing lambs.

Sheep Specialist from SAC Consulting Kirsten Williams will be giving a practical demonstration of condition scoring.  There will also be a discussion on how to manage condition scoring towards tupping as well a weaning management and how to minimise the need for checking lamb growth rate.

Torgorm Farm are currently taking part in a project with Agri EPI Centre Ltd that relates to finishing lambs relating to pasture management. There will be a demonstration of the Te Pari HD3 Sheep Handling System which automatically clamps, weighs and drafts sheep 3 ways.

If you would like more information about this event then please phone our helpline on 0300 323 0161 and ask for Derek Hanton.

Please remember to wear clean clothes and footwear suitable for disinfecting.

For catering purposes please let us know you are attending by filling out the form below.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.