Building Resilience in Your Sheep Flock

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Address: Shandford Farm, Brechin, Angus DD9 7RS
Venues: Shandford Farm Event Tags: North east Topics: Animal welfare

In an ever changing agricultural sector and fluctuating economy it is vitally important to plan for resilience within your sheep flock on farm.  This workshop is being held to get you thinking about what can be done in your own flock to help improve efficiency and productivity in sheep enterprises.

On the day we will take a practical approach to the topics and be out at on farm at Shandford for a hand-on approach to local and topical issues in the area.  Guest speaker, Valentina Busin, from Glasgow University, will host a station on the impact of footrot and lameness in the flock, and discuss the newest findings on the disease and how best to go about dealing with it.

Karen Stewart, SAC Consulting Nutritionist will cover feeding lamb nutrition and Kirsten Williams, SAC Consulting Sheep Specialist, will talk us through weaning and pre-tupping management of the ewe.

Heather Stevenson, SAC Consulting Vet, will have a look at worming  and fluke programmes as anthelmintic resistance becomes more common it is important to carefully consider your worming programme on farm.

Malcolm Young, SAC Consulting Forestry Specialist, will cover how best to provide shelter for your sheep with the use of shelter belts.  Also discussed will be the new Sheep and Trees scheme recently released.

Lunch will be provided so please make sure to book your place.

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Sheep resilience Brechin £0.00 Sold out

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