Bunds, Bio-filters and Bio-beds – the thrills and spills of Pesticide Handling Areas – Mintlaw


Prevention of pollution from pesticides is becoming increasingly important as closer scrutiny is given to levels of active ingredients found in watercourses and their effect on overall water quality.

As the use of pesticides remains in the public focus, the spotlight is also turning on to farmers to ensure that pesticides are stored and handled in a responsible, and safe, way with the threat of financial penalties for those not complying.

Pesticides can find their way into watercourses through many routes. On many farms, sprayers are filled and washed on a permeable farmyard surface and inadvertently run-off ends up in the water environment.

Having a dedicated Pesticide Handling Area can avoid this by providing a bunded area which can hold contaminated liquid and also provide an area whereby filling and washing can be undertaken safely and without risk to the environment.   Any collected liquid can then be processed through a treatment system such as a bio-filter or bio-bed before being correctly disposed of.

In some cases, this area can also form the starting point for a larger facility which can see chemical and water storage built around it ensuring that all activities can be undertaken in one area of the farm.

With a number of facilities planned in the area, this meeting represents a great opportunity to talk to a  number of experts and to find out more on the subject.

Guest speakers

  • Stuart Milne, Agronomist, Hutchisons
  • Pete Wright, Specialist, SEPA
  • Gavin Elrick, Senior Specialist, SAC Consulting

Topics for discussion

Pesticide Handling Areas –

  • What are the benefits and why are they becoming increasingly important?
  • What are the different types and systems?
  • What do you need to consider when designing your facility?
  • What are the legislative requirements?

Agronomy Update –

  • Review of the growing season

Life without Chlorothalonil and Epoxyconazole

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