Campbeltown Soil & Nutrient Network – 2nd Meeting


On our second visit to Dunadd (read about the first meeting here), Dr Bill Crooks will give an overview of the soils at Dunadd/Drumvore. On the back of analysis will discuss the importance of soil testing, getting the acidity and nutrients correct, take time to look at soil structure, and in addition, will look at how important it is to keep up with drainage maintenance. He will also touch on rush management in relation to the above.

Peter Jones will update on forestry grants, the benefits of shelter belt planting making sure they are strategically sited on farms, and how, with thought, land areas which are not productive can be utilised as an aid to management and environmental benefit, especially carbon capture.


  • Dr Bill Crooks PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons) , Soil & Water Consultant, SAC Environmental
  • Peter Jones, Senior Forestry Consultant, SAC Consulting

Topics covered

  • Soil Testing, getting acidity and nutrients right; Soil Structure; Drainage; Rushes
  • Forestry Grants; Shelter Belt Planting; Utilising Unproductive Areas

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