Crops and Soils Nutrient Network – Buchan and East Banffshire – Getting to Grips with Carbon Footprinting

The Crops and Soils Nutrient Network provides an opportunity to get together with growers in your local area to discuss the latest developments within crops and soils helping to improve the profitability and resilience of your business.

Carbon Footprinting is increasingly becoming a buzzword in food and farming. While completing a carbon audit can be straight forward- what do the results actually mean? How can farmers improve their carbon footprint and are there easy wins open to most businesses.

This meeting provides an opportunity to understand carbon footprints from the terminology used, how using the carbon audit results can result in improved efficiency and also find out about emissions in the wider supply chain.

If you would like to know more about this group, then please contact George Chalmers on 01888 563333