Derelict to productive: Seeing Your Croft’s Potential


This event is the first in a series of three on bringing your croft (or part of your croft)from under-productive, to productive. The three sessions will broadly follow a ‘5 year plan’ for your crofting business. The first meeting is how to assess your land and what needs it has in terms of drainage, fencing, soil nutrition and looking at opportunities for attracting pollinators, and options you may have for woodland creation or management.

We are holding this meeting to connect people who may be at the same stage of their crofting journey, particularly those who are new to crofting and may have taken on a croft that has not been worked for many decades. The meetings will also be an opportunity for established crofters, as well as those new to it, to access conservation and woodlands specialists to get ideas on opportunities they may have on their crofts that are less mainstream.


  • Gillian McKnight (SAC Conservation & Biodiversity specialist)
  • Ross Mackenzie (SAC adviser)
  • Donnie Chisholm (Woodlands Trust Scotland)

Topics covered:

  • Assessing your croft’s potential
  • Pollinators
  • Croft woodlands scheme
  • How to take soil samples
  • Basic grant availability

Ross Mackenzie can be contacted for more information on


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