Derelict to Productive – ‘Beyond the first 5 years’


This event is the third in a series of three on bringing your croft (or part of your croft) from under-productive, to productive. The three sessions broadly follow a ‘5 year plan’ for your crofting business. Following on from the second event; where attendees learned about the importance of a five year plan, this event will give attendees the chance to see on-the-ground results of turning around derelict croft land.

Our host, Sam Brooke, will lead a tour of his croft, alongside Ross Mackenzie, SAC Consultant. You will see a success story of a formerly derelict croft. Un-used for decades, the croft has been turned around over the last five years and now supports sheep and cattle, with silage planned in the near future as the ground continues to improve.  The benefits of various environmentally beneficial practices will also be shown.

This event will be outdoors in February, so please bring appropriate clothing and foot wear!

Lunch will be provided, but booking is essential for catering.

With Speakers
SAC Consultant
• Ross Mackenzie,
Host & Crofter
• Sam Brooke


Bookings are no longer available for this event.