Dumfriesshire Soil & Nutrient Network – Final Event


Final Dumfriesshire Soil & Nutrient Network Meeting

Limekilns is a dairy and arable unit farmed by Alastair Crichton and his family and the host farm for the Dumfries Soil & Nutrient Network.

For the final event, we are meeting at the nearby Brydekirk Village Hall.  You are invited to come along to find out more about GPS soil sampling and see how this technology can be used to improve soil fertility and crop yields through more accurate and effective application of lime & fertilisers.  We’ve booked guest speakers from Soil Essentials and SAC Consulting, including David Ross who is a specialist in precision technology and GPS systems.GPS map showing grids across a farm noting soil pH

Topics for discussion

  • GPS sampling procedures & techniques
  • Limekilns farm GPS sampling results
  • Cost benefits vs conventional sampling
  • Creating lime, fertiliser and  FYM recommendation from the results
  • Equipment and set up required to carry out variable rate spreading

Please use the booking form below to secure your place and to allow us to arrange catering.

You can find out more about the Soil & Nutrient Network from our Soils webpage.  There are currently 12 host farms located across Scotland, each one taking a before and after look at how to protect and improve farm soils and make the best use of both organic and inorganic fertilisers, saving money, benefitting yields and improving farm efficiency and resilience.


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