From Sapling to Sawmill


This meeting will be an opportunity to discuss and explore the management techniques and common practices to maximise the income upon clear fell of commercial forests will also be covered.  We will then look at income available through the Forestry Grant Scheme and how this is structured.

At this meeting we will cover site selection.  Choosing the right site for commercial forestry including;

  • species choice
  • protection
  • access
  • scheme and grant funding available for woodland creation

Speakers include;

  • Douglas Priest, SAC Consulting
  • Ian Allsopp, Forestry Commission

Thinning and clear-felling will also be covered both in a practical sense as well as the theory behind the work.  We will look into tender options and how to get the best return for your timber as well as looking for what to be aware of during harvesting operations.

There will be a presentation of the do’s and don’ts of re-stocking in order to streamline the process of harvesting and subsequent restocking.

We will also cover site management to ensure the next rotation establishes well and allows for the next productive crop with a focus on brash recovery.




As there is an outdoor session please ensure that you wear suitable clothing and footwear.



Bookings are no longer available for this event.