Building Resilience Into Grassland Management – Rumbletonrig Focus Farm

Event Details

Address: Greenlaw TD10 6XS

Building Resilience into Grassland Management – Farming For A Better Climate.

Grassland management specialist Charlie Morgan was guest speaker at the 7th meeting of the Rumbletonrig Focus Farm group.  Following a soup & roll lunch, Charlie gave PowerPoint presentation covering nutrients and grassland utilisation.  The group then moved from the farm shed to two grassland fields which showed good and bad utilisation. A Visual Examination of Soil Structure (VESS) soil check revealed slight livestock induced compaction in the top 4”.Beef cow and calf

Although the use of tail head calving monitors was due to be evaluated at the meeting, following some lengthy soil structure and grass utilisation discussions, the group simply ran out of time to cover this on the day.  Plans are underway to include this evaluation in the next meeting.

Full details will be available on the meeting notes which will be available shortly from the Rumbletonrig Focus Farm section of the Farming For a Better Climate webpage:


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