Grazing for Profit and Biodiversity: Deferred Grazing Cattle at Tullochgorum

Join us for an afternoon farm walk at Tullochgorum near Boat of Garten on Wednesday 21st September.

Duncan Miller, alongside SAC Consulting’s Daniel Stout and Nicki Yoxall from Pasture for Life, will discuss the multitude of benefits deferred grazing has brought for cattle enterprise profitability by extending the grazing season and outwintering stock to dramatically reduced wintering costs whilst also promoting biodiversity on the farm.

Duncan has several different areas of deferred grazing in various states of maturity stocked up so is welcoming discussion on how best to utilise this through the winter. Malcolm MacDonald, of SAC Consulting, will also be with us to discuss the benefits of virtual fencing and how this could be used at Tullochgorum.

We’ll also see the rotational grazing system Duncan has developed over the past 2 years being part of Cairngorms Mob Grazing Group which has seen the the business make more from pasture.

Midday start with food and refreshments followed by a farm tour.

Photo credit: Emily Grant @ColdrochieEG