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Integrated Crop Management – a more holistic approach that can benefit your farm yieldsLeatherjackets on soil

Pesticide products growers previously relied on are being withdrawn due to the cost of re-registration or wider environmental concerns. Developing a more integrated crop management (ICM) approach will help growers to adopt a more holistic approach to crop production with benefits to soil and field biodiversity.

The development of a better understanding of your farm’s soil structure, fertility and capacity is an integral part of arable and grassland management and contributes to grass and crop health and ultimately yield.

Guest Speakers & Topics

  • Andy Evans will discuss ICM Pest management, examining common problem soil pests & the control options available
  • Dr Paul Hargreaves  soil structure & management with hands on soil structure & texture testing.  Learn more from Paul on how to remediate some problems with soil structure
  • Dr Henry Creisson will discuss crop rotations; the role they play in disease & pest management & the options provided by adding green covers to a rotation.

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Improved soil management through ICM can improve nutrient usage.  This can benefit the farm business financially whilst reducing environmental pollution risks, protecting water quality & reduce green house gas emissions.




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