Large-scale Commercial Woodland Creation


Hill ground has increasingly been recognised for its potential to be converted to forestry.  This can generate good returns on grant payments, provide long-term income through timber sales therefore adding value to the farm, amongst a multitude of other benefits.

This event will look at a recent example of a 130 Ha conifer forest, planted in 2018 on Dalfoil Farm, Balfron.

Find out about:

  • the motivators behind this project
  • how to establish early on if your proposal could be viable
  • the income and costs of the project
  • how to finance a large-scale forestry project
  • the Forestry Grant Scheme
  • the multitude of benefits offered by forestry, including succession planning, tax incentives and animal welfare
  • how biodiversity can be incorporated into a commercial plantation.

The day will comprise talks from several speakers, a buffet lunch, and a visit to the new plantation therefore booking is essential.


Event Organiser – Malcolm Young


Bookings are no longer available for this event.