Making Slatted Housing Work For You (Stranraer)


Slatted sheds have long been a popular way to house cattle; they are less labour intensive, reduce bedding costs and collect slurry which is a valuable fertiliser source but it is important that they are managed correctly.

John Fisher, has built a series of slatted sheds at Meikle Galdenoch and this meeting will give you the opportunity to see them working in practice and learn from his experiences in both construction and how he manages cattle on them.

Local vet, Alistair McClelland will discus animal health topics related to keeping cattle on slat and SAC Consulting Beef & Sheep specialist, Gavin Hill will talk about the correct management of cattle on slats and their future in the beef industry.

Is a slatted shed really more expensive than a bedded court?  We will look at a cost comparison of building and maintaining a slatted shed compared with a bedded system.

You will also have the opportunity to look at John’s excellent cattle handling system and discuss reducing stress on animals with SRUC researcher Simon Turner.

As this is an on farm event please remember to wear clean clothes and footwear suitable for disinfecting.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.