Managing Soils on an Upland Farm

Everyone knows that soil is the most important asset on your farm but, did you know that correctly managed soil could also be a valuable asset from a wildlife perspective? The Lanarkshire Nutrient Network focusses on the Upland area of the Duneaton Valley, Crawfordjohn. This valley is comprised of upland Beef and Sheep farms but is also an important breeding ground for Farmland waders.

This webinar will look at managing soil in upland areas not only to benefit your farming business but also demonstrate how this may also have a wider environmental impact.

We will be joined by Emma Sheard who is currently completing her PhD at Stirling University. Emma will explain the complicated relationships between soil pH, earthworm populations and the wider biodiversity impacts this may have.

We will also be joined by Robert Ramsay who will cover rush control methods, another valuable tool in the upland farmers toolkit which can also have wider reaching environmental benefits.