Mid Argyll Business Group – Succession Meeting


Come along to our meeting on succession planning to hear what our speakers have to say on the matter.

Alastair Dale is a lawyer with Dales Solicitors in Galston, Ayr.  He will discuss Succession within farming families, the pitfalls and problems as well as repercussions.  Within his presentation Alastair will outline various real life but anonymised case studies where clients have lost houses/holdings due to oversights or problems not resolved in the initial proceedings. In addition the various leases now available to tenants and the importance of wills!

Andy Ritchie from Campbell Dallas Chartered Accountants will also be on hand to answer any questions, and will highlight the need to ensure accounts are up to date and what the tax implications may be. Also the need to look at wills in relation to inheritance tax.  The write offs and advantages especially when contemplating a repair against renewal. Tax deferment in relation to loss making years in line with profitable years to maintain a balance on tax demands.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.