Moray Soil & Nutrient Network Farm – 2nd Meeting


A meeting, not to be missed by anyone looking to improve farm profitability.

The second meeting of the Moray Soil & Nutrient Network Farm.

At this meeting, we will focus on soil biodiversity and making good use of organic manures, including distillery by-products.

Dr. Paul Hargreaves and Gavin Elrick, both soil specialists, will be there.

They will use examples from the host farm to discuss soil biodiversity and what affects it. This, plus the soil analyses and compaction, covered at the first meeting, will allow us to talk about soil health.  You can read what was discussed at the first meeting here.

We will also go over how to make the best use of organic manures including FYM, slurry and distillery by-products, which are becoming ever popular. The meeting will look at the nutrients available from the organic manures and how best they can be used to reduce farm input costs

Please remember to wear clean clothes and footwear suitable for disinfection.

Balnellan is one of 12 host farms for the Soil & Nutrient Network across Scotland.  Read more about Balnellan and an introduction to the other host farms on our Soils webpage.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.