NE Organic Discussion Group – Event 1


Getting mineral and trace element nutrition right in livestock systems is crucial for both the health of the stock but also to maximise performance. Managing mineral and trace element supply in organic livestock systems will be the subject of this the next, and first online, meeting of the NE organic Discussion Group.

The speakers will be David McCelland a technical director at Norvite and Mary Young a livestock nutritionist with SAC Consulting. They will focus on beef and sheep systems and the following areas will be covered:

  • Are mineral requirements for organic stock different to conventional requirements?
  • The value of forage mineral analysis and understanding the supply from home produced feeds
  • What is an ‘organic’ mineral? Clarify the difference between organic approval and organic mineral source
  • Case studies covering some specific mineral & trace element imbalances
  • How to solve mineral problems and manage a derogation request

There will be a chance for questions and discussion.

A podcast will also be produced focusing on managing minerals and trace elements for organic dairy cattle.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.