Net Zero Arran Discussion Group – Meeting 2


With the passing of the Brexit EU free trade agreement much of the immediate pressure on the farming sector has been avoided, having said that, Scottish agriculture is still very much in new and uncharted waters and building business resilience will be key moving forward. In this three part discussion group farmers and landowners on Arran will be looking at ways to increase cooperation, improve productivity and do so sustainably and without compromising good agricultural practice.

Increasing output and improving husbandry practices can increase profit margins, cut carbon footprint and improve resource use and efficiency. At the heart of any livestock farm is the calving and lambing period and good practice and preparation has long lasting impacts.

In this meeting the group will be discussing the issues holding back livestock productivity on Arran and the good practices that could be taken up. Joining the discussion are Robert Ramsay, beef and business specialist and Daniel Stout, general consultant for Ayrshire.

A summary report will be made available following this closed meeting.