New Entrant to Farming – Ewe Nutrition Pre & Post Lambing (Argyll)


Come along to this interactive session. The event is open to anyone interested in the following topic

Ewe Nutrition

The aim of this meeting is to discuss the importance of body condition and levels of feeding at key times in the breeding  life cycle of the ewe. We will discuss tupping, scanning, 6 weeks pre lambing and post peak lactation. We will also discuss the types of feed/concentrates available and there suitability for using in feed rations.

Pre Lambing

  • Discuss rationing and feeding ewes post scanning (according to number of lambs carried) and how this can help to improve ewe condition, reduce lamb mortality and improve overall lambing percentage
  • Discuss rationing and feeding ewes from scanning – lambing  and how this can ensure correct body condition for optimising milk yield at lambing.

Post Lambing

  • Discuss Feeding the ewe post lambing, to maintain her maintainance requirements and milk production requirements. How does this impact on lamb growth rates and increase productivity from milk?
  • Duscuss feeding the ewe post peak lactation, discuss weaning lambs and getting the ewe ready again for tupping.
  • Discuss the importance of body condition, leading up to tupping and how this can improve lambing percentage.

This is a great opportunity to hear the latest technical information and discuss management strategies for the season ahead.


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Argyll New Entrants £0.00 Sold out

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