New Entrants – Grassland – Above and Below the Soil (Lanark)

Event Details

Address: Ayr Road, Larkhill ML9 2TZ
Venues: Radstone Hotel Event Tags: South Topics: New Entrants

The meeting will cover all aspects of Grassland management and improvement. Grass is the ‘heart’ of the farm and is the cheapest feed source for livestock. We will discuss maximising production from grass along with how to go about accessing and improving sward quality.

Poppy Frater, Sheep and Grassland Specialist with SAC Consulting will cover how to best utilise grassland and how to implement all grass wintering and rotational grazing systems. Peter Addie, grassland and seed expert for Watson Seeds will discuss what to look for in a seed mix and what options are available to rejuvenate grass swards.

Refreshments will be provided. For more information please contact Hazel Laughton (Tel: 01555 662562, Mob: 07979 546098)


Bookings are no longer available for this event.