New Entrants to Farming: Alternative Enterprises (Wigtownshire)


Farmers often have very little control over the money they receive for their end product and tend to be at the mercy of external market forces which set milk price contracts and dictate the prices paid at the auction market or abattoir.

This meeting will explore the opportunities there are to add value to dairy and meat products and you will hear from 2 local farmers who have experience in each sector.


  • Alan Brown, Galloway Farmhouse Cheese—makes cheese products from their own organic cows milk, has experience of milking sheep and continues to source ewe and goat milk to make cheese.
  • Caron Kennedy-Stewart, Clash Pedigree Saddlebacks—makes sausages, bacon and burgers from their own saddleback pigs which they sell locally.

This is a great opportunity to hear from 2 experienced farmers who can give all the “behind the scenes” information on what it takes to make, market and sell your own produce.

Clash Farm saddleback burgers and Galloway Farmhouse cheese will be provided for lunch.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.