North East Organic Group – Tap o’ North Farm Visit


This meeting offers the opportunity to see round the Tap o’ North Farm market garden and hear about a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) horticultural unit using permaculture and bio-intensive methods. Tap o’ Noth is an 8 acre smallholding and commercial market garden. As well as producing vegetables they have free range hens for egg production and dairy goats for their home needs. Tap o’ Noth Farm’s market garden is only about quarter of an acre but produces enough vegetables to supply up to 50 households with ecologically grown vegetables for 22 weeks of the year.

We will learn about permaculture, bio-intensive methods and see some of their special market garden tools, crops/fruit, their rotations, mulching, composts, other natural fertilisers and willow windbreaks etc.

From the farm we will move to the Rhynie Church Hall where Alistair Trail, Food and Drink Consultant, SAC Consulting will run a session on the Rural Innovation Support Service(RISS). He will explain what it is, how it operates and invite those there to propose project ideas so he can advise as to wither RISS might be able to help.

This will be the third meeting of year 2 of the NE Organic Farming Discussion Group.

The meetings provide a fantastic opportunity for farmers, wither long established organic farmers or those just interested in finding out about organic farming, to get together to exchange ideas, learn from each other and current research.

If you want to know more about the meeting or the discussion group in general please contact More information from Aileen Buchanan, SAC Consulting Elgin 01343 548787 or

and  information on RISS is available at


Bookings are no longer available for this event.