Now’s the Thyme: Polycrub Possibilities


Polycrubs are a success story for the Isle of Lewis, and have created a huge amount of interest. This meeting is a follow-on event from the very popular meeting on polycrubs in August. This will be an evening event to extend coverage of the topics discussed, and the information and developments that have resulted from the previous meeting. This meeting is suitable for anyone with an interest in polycrubs, both those who attended the previous meeting and those new to the subject.

The meeting will be split into three sessions:

  • A detailed explanation of the polycrub and its uses. Land conditions and the technical aspects of growing vegetables/ soft fruits using polycryb technology. Possibilities for processing food items, and how they can be marketed and sold in the local area and beyond.
    • with Rob Black, SAC Consultant
  • Grant eligibility and criteria. Advice for prospective applicants including clear eligibility guidance and requirements.
    • with local SGRPID representative
  • An onsite look at a fully utilised polycrub from an innovative and experienced grower. Seeing the potential of a single unit can be enlightening for those seeking to take one on. You will get ideas and open discussion about how one active producer manages the unit. This will include a Q & A session



Bookings are no longer available for this event.