NVZ and Nutrient Budget Workshop – Laurencekirk

Do you farm within the Stonehaven & Forfar areas of the Strathmore, Fife and Angus NVZ?

NVZ rules have been in place within the Stonehaven and Forfar area for many years now but there are still issues arising from inspections.

This meeting will remind you of the NVZ rules to help you avoid cross compliance breaches and potential penalties and we have guest speaker Stuart Lorimer, SGRPID to answer any of your queries.  A session will follow on the nutritive values of organic manures and how to deal with them for NVZ compliance.NVZ checklist sheet

Topics for discussion

  • A reminder of the NVZ regulations in the Stonehaven and Forfar area
  • What records you need to keep to be compliant
  • Common errors found on inspections
  • Nutrient Budgeting: maximising efficiency and reducing fertiliser costs

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