A Practical Approach to NVZs & Cross Compliance


This meeting will look at taking a practical approach to NVZ record keeping and what is required at a farm inspection.  

Business efficiency can be improved by careful planning for fertiliser applications at the beginning of the year while completing the NVZ.  This allows efficiency by ensuring N, P & K are matched to the crop requirements.

We will cover what is expected at an inspection and also highlight some common pitfalls faced by local farming businesses.

We will also highlight the potential for opportunities to create habitats to support pollinators on-farm while also complying with GAEC rules.


  • Samantha Stewart, SAC Consulting
  • Stuart Lorimer, SGRPID Inverurie
  • Paul Chapman, SAC Consulting


  • What to expect at an inspection
  • NVZ rules and guidelines
  • Most common pitfalls at inspections
  • Benefiting pollinators on-farm

Event organiser – Samantha Stewart


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