Peatland Restoration Event – Thornhill (Stirling)

Demystifying the different ways of financing peatland restoration on farms and crofts. Speak with experts and learn more about the science.

Substantial funding is available for peatland restoration throughout Scotland. But getting that funding can be complex. This event aims to demystify the process and make it easier for farmers and crofters to get access to that funding.

In this event we will give an overview of public, private, and blended finance options, and how to take advantage of all them based on your own needs and the needs of your business.

Peatland restoration also has multiple positive benefits for the land itself. It can result in improved water quality, support flood management, enhance biodiversity, and move your business towards Net Zero.

Peatland restoration is also a source of carbon credits. You can either sell these credits on the voluntary carbon markets, or use them to reduce the emission of your own enterprise.

This event is a great first step for those looking to begin peatland restoration on their land. We will be joined by speakers from NatureScots’ Peatland Action and IUCN Peatland Code who will cover the essentials of peatland restoration such as planning and design, techniques and funding. You will also have the unique opportunity to ask the experts directly any questions.

For more information about the event, contact Sarah Erbanova at

Tea, coffee and cake will be available.

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