Perthshire Women in Agriculture Webinar: The Basics of Ewe Nutrition

  • October 11 2022
    8:00pm - 9:30pm

With winter feed costs set to be high, any savings in purchased feed for ewes in the run up to lambing will be very welcome. So join Perthshire Women in Agriculture group on Zoom as we cover the Basics of Ewe Nutrition to help arm you with the information needed to decide on a feeding plan for ewes in the run up to lambing.
Mary Young and Lorna Shaw, Ruminant Nutritionists, will share their knowledge and expertise covering topics such as:
  • The importance of silage analysis and what a silage analysis tells you
  • Why is energy and protein important?
  • What effects do different feeds have?
  • Evaluating different feeds and value for money
The meeting will start at 8pm in a Zoom meeting format so you will be able to unmute and ask questions. You will not be limited to using the chat function. So join in for an interactive discussion on this important topic.