Planning to Grow Cereals in 2022

This event provides growers with an opportunity to get a brief update on crop trials from 2021 carried out at SRUC from Neil Havis (one of SRUC’s Senior Plant Pathologists) , along with spring cereal variety recommendations for 2022 from Steve Hoad (SRUC agronomy researcher) who is part of the team that selects varieties for the Scottish Cereal Recommended List.

With fertiliser prices having been at record highs, a talk on soil and nutrient management by David Ross (one of SAC Consulting’s Regional Development Managers) will also highlight what can be done to help manage this issue this year, focusing on soil analyses and crop fertiliser requirements.

Come and be a part of the meeting and use the opportunity to ask questions to leading specialists within SRUC & SAC Consulting. If you have any queries about the event, please telephone 01467 625385 or email