Resilience For The Future (Ayrshire)


Resilience for the future; How your outlook and attitude can help you prepare for the future, build your business and overcome challenges.

Everyone will be wondering about the changes ahead of us in farming and crofting.  As many that went on the Doug Avery tour will know, how you feel has a big impact on how you deal with change.  These workshops are not the usual events that farmers and crofters attend, but as John Scott says in this video clip (link),  this helps you think about how you manage yourself and work with others.  ‘Resilience’ is a word we hear often these days, and is key to successfully navigating change.  This two day development programme is for farmers and crofters, with the aim of equipping you with the skills and confidence to build a resilient outlook to help your business thrive.

Through the workshops you will:

  • Realise the value of your skills, strengths and experiences
  • Build your confidence
  • Explore opportunities for you and your business
  • Understand what it is to be resilient, and take steps to build a resilient outlook
  • Create a vision and plan for success within your own business.

John Scott, Fearn Farm recommends farmers and crofters go to this event.  “In times such as this and with more than a little uncertainty around its vital that you take control of what you can within your own business. This covers many things but one we often don’t spend time on is our minds, or the “top paddock” as Doug Avery would refer to it, as it’s the field that shouldn’t be neglected whilst planning cultivations.  SAC are running a series of two day workshops across the country which will give farmers and crofters an awesome opportunity to develop individual resilience whilst gaining a greater understanding of their own minds and attitudes.”

In preparation for the programme you will have the opportunity to complete an Insights Profile that will help increase your self awareness, understand your strengths, and understand better why people behave the way they do, and how you can work better with others.

This fun and challenging workshop will be delivered by Kim Walker of Advance Consultancy, along with your local SAC adviser.

To benefit the most from this programme you need to be able to commit to attend both days.  Please sign up for day one and your name will automatically be added to the attendance list for day 2.

Ayrshire meeting dates 24th October and 4th December 2019


Bookings are no longer available for this event.